My name is Vicky Brenner and I’m running for the Iowa Senate in Madison & Warren counties. The time has come for us to put our partisan differences aside and come together as a community. People in Madison & Warren need a voice that will represent all members of the community, not just those in the same political party. My promise to you is I will fight for, and listen to, every single member in the community and find solutions to our problems.


As a retired teacher, I believe in the power of education. I’ve dedicated my life to empowering young people to work hard, believe in their dreams, and utilize their own abilities to make those dreams a reality. High expectations, a strong education, and a solid work ethic are a winning combination to achieve success, and for 34 years I led students to utilize this formula to achieve anything they set their minds to. I have always been extremely proud of Iowa’s reputation for offering the best in public education to our children. As your Senator, I will work for a future that will be better for every Iowan.


I believe in the power of being a good neighbor. I was brought up in an Iowa where “Iowa Nice” was more than a trendy slogan. It is the way we Iowans live our daily lives. I was raised to respect others, do the right thing, and pitch in when there is work to be done. That is just how Iowans react when there is a problem to solve or a neighbor who needs help. We look out for each other, especially our most vulnerable. As your Senator, I will be honored to look out for all of you.


I am not afraid to take action in order to resolve a problem. I am especially inclined to act on behalf of those who lack a voice or are unable to advocate for themselves. I was born with an extra dose of empathy and raised by parents who taught me to refrain from judgment. Not all of us are born into the same opportunities, but we can fight for equal access to the best life has to offer. That’s why I feel compelled to stand up against injustice or advocate for those who can’t, and I welcome the opportunity to serve as your advocate and Senator.

This election isn’t about me.  It’s about you and your family. It’s about our neighbors and their families. It’s time we elect leaders who care about doing the right thing, and who can look past partisan politics to find solutions.  That’s what being a public servant means.  As your Senator, I welcome the opportunity to serve and represent all in District 13.

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